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Some 120 people packed into the pub for a quiz on Bank Holiday Monday, raising 865 for a hospital in a poor rural area of Uganda.

 Jill Brooks, who organised the quiz, has volunteered at the Kamuli Mission Hospital for the past 3 years. She writes:

'The hospital serves a large rural area with a population of 1,500,000. It is situated in a very poor area approximately 3 hours N/E of the capital Kampala. It has 160 beds with wards for surgery, medicine, maternity and paediatrics. The outpatient department operates a 24 hour casualty service and there are departments for antenatal care and the treatment of TB and HIV. The hospital sees 50,000 outpatients and admits 10,000 inpatients each year. There is a nursing school attached to the hospital where nurses receive general nursing or midwifery training

'The fabric of the hospital is very poor. There is a lack of basic equipment. There are constant power cuts some lasting for many days .Recent donations have provided generators so that operations can continue when this happens. Funds have also been raised for a water harvesting system which collects rain water from the hospital roofs and for shipping out donated beds, mattresses, wheelchairs and other essential equipment

'Patients have to make a contribution to the costs of their care. As many of them are subsistence farmers without any paid employment and living in very limited circumstances, this can be very difficult for them. The hospital keeps charges to the minimum level so that most patients are not excluded from getting health care.  There is a constant tension between raising enough money to keep the hospital running and making health care available to everyone.

'Mosquitoes that spread cerebral malaria are rife in the area and many babies and children who are especially vulnerable die. Diarrhoeal disease due to unclean water is also a problem. Fractures and injuries from road traffic accidents are common.

'Patients come to the hospital with relatives or friends who are responsible for providing them with clean bed linen and food. They sleep outside the wards and collect water for washing linen, and consumption from a pump in the hospital grounds.'

All funds raised are used to provide equipment for the hospital. There are no administration charges. 

For more information and a short film on the hospital go to

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