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The Red Box Gallery: call for exhibitionists!
Opened in Easter 2015, Oxfordshire’s smallest art space is looking for new exhibits for 2019.
I’m taking over the curatorial mantle (grandiose term!) from Alison Debney, who has created a wonderful roll call of themes and displays over the last four years.
So I’m keen to build on her great work and get everyone involved in making this a focal/talking point for the village.

What makes the character of our village?
March launches with an intriguing exploration of what makes the character of our village. Our youngest residents  - at Brightwell Primary School – have tackled this theme with flair and vision, and their photos/thoughts are currently on display.
Here are how the photos/captions match up, and the names of the children who created these displays:
1.    I chose Izzy because she is my best companion; Photo P, Greyson

2.    My uncle always gets a bit over-excited,; Photo O, Tabby

3.    This log has been cut down and now it looks happy; Photo N Fin

4.    The cows are like humans - they feel pain, they feel happiness, they feel love; Photo M, Oli

5.    The glow of the candles shows the true character of the pumpkins;  Photo L, Thomas

6.    She is a creative clueless wonder to the world; Photo K, Freddie

7.    I've always loved my dog so i decided to put her into a photo because she has a lot of character; Photo J, Oli

8.    This wall at St Agatha's shows lots of character; Photo I,Joseph

9.    The inside of a tree; Photo H, Thom

10.    A strange scarecrow in the allotment: Photo G, Maisie

11.    I love the shape of the door at St Agatha's; Photo F, Olivia

12.    Athena loves dressing up as a princess; Photo E, Tabby

13.    It shows character because it is old; Photo D, Alexander

14.    This war memorial helps us to remember Daddy's great grandad who was in the war; Photo B, Emma

15.    This very old and rickety; Photo C, Sam

16.    I like hockey and being a goalkeeper shows my fierce personality; Photo A, Lily

Later in 2019
Coming up, we have more contributions from them, picking up on their termly themes and interactions with village life:
•    The Politest Telephone Box in Oxfordshire
We explore what manners mean to us, in an inter-generational project, as the pupils interview elderly residents at Sotwell House.
•    Syrian Refugee Project
Postcards to and from our linked school give the Box a truly international voice.
•    Apple Day
Apples and their fascinating stories take over the box in October.
•    Christmas gifts
Gifts for the festive season will come in the form of short poems in 2019. Unwrap them and open up a world of surprising words!
I’d love to hear from anyone who’d like to get involved in the Red Box Gallery. It’s whatever you are passionate about -  photography, art, gardening, allotments, music, history, bee-keeping, food…
The Red Box Gallery is a small space, but it’s a great space too, in which to say something fresh and creative about our village and its life. So do get in touch: 0773 9300258. << Go Back
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