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Villagers should now be able to order high speed fibre-based broadband, as most problems caused by upgrading the network seem to have been resolved. However, if you are still offline, you should contact Craig Bower at Oxfordshire Better Broadband for advice

Craig points out that unless you have a fibre broadband service, there will be no improvement in speeds.

'The default ‘normal’ internet service, and what most are probably on, is ADSL broadband. This uses the copper telephone network from the house to the cabinet and all the way back to Wallingford exchange. VDSL broadband uses the copper telephone network from the house to the cabinet, then fibre from the cabinet to the exchange. As fibre does not ‘lose speed’ over distance, it enables much faster internet access, but unless one upgrades to a fibre broadband service, the connection to the exchange will remain on copper. The great majority (but not all) internet service providers will have fibre broadband products, and the best advice is to contact the service provider and request costs for an upgrade to fibre. (There are technical nuances to a definition of fibre, but best to just keep this simple). Service Providers may have different packages, so it may also be worthwhile ‘shopping around’, but beware of any possible existing contract termination charges if you switch Provider.

'As this migration in Brightwell cum Sotwell has been so difficult, the ordering systems are not all showing that fibre products are available which is greatly adding to people’s confusion. This is being worked on and should be imminently resolved. The Openreach checker;…/when-can-i-ge… can be used to check for sure.'

Use the fibre checker to see if you can get fibre.

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