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The family of Alistair 'Ali' Govan would like to thank villagers for their support at the funeral of their son, who took his own life at home in Birmingham. Donations in Ali's memory are invited to St Agatha's Church, where the funeral was held.

Alistairs' parents, Chris and Russell Govan, write:

On Friday 24th February we held a funeral for our beloved son Alistair at St. Agatha’s, before burying his body in the churchyard. He had taken his own life just two weeks previously at his home in Birmingham.

When we started to think about planning the funeral the family quickly came to the conclusion that, if at all possible, we would like to lay Alistair to rest in Brightwell. That was where he grew up and the place he always regarded as home.

The church was packed for the funeral service, with many people travelling considerable distances. People from every chapter of Alistair’s life were represented, including large numbers of young people from the local area, and others from his time at Cardiff University. Work colleagues and former teachers were well represented. There were also many, many friends and former neighbours of his and ours in attendance. We, along with his sisters and his brother are grateful to every single person who was able to be there, and to all the many others who sent us such kind messages of support and condolence. The extent of the love and affection shown for Alistair and extended to us touched our hearts and gave us comfort at a time when we thought such a thing was impossible.

We are grateful to Revd. Kevin Beer for agreeing that Alistair’s funeral could take place at St. Agatha’s, and for conducting the funeral with such care and compassion. We would also like to thank Derek for playing the organ, Rosemary for arranging the church flowers, and the choir for kindly donating their services. Finally, we would like to thank the community of Brightwell cum Sotwell. The African proverb tells us that it takes a village to raise a child. Brightwell certainly helped us raise Alistair and graciously welcomed him home to his final resting place, albeit so much sooner than any of us would have wished.

Thank you all.

Chris and Russell Govan

If anyone would like to make a donation in memory of Alistair, we would be grateful if they could do so to St. Agatha’s Church.

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