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New staff have been announced for the Village Stores and Post Office. The new Post Office local is due to open on Monday 23rd May, with the old Post Office counter in the Stewart Room closing on Saturday 21st May.

In a letter to all Village Stores members, Celia Collett thanks Margot and Mandy for all their hard work, and for agreeing to stay on during a period of transition. She also pays tribute to Mike Powell, who has served as sub postmaster, and to his staff. She writes:

'We are pleased to introduce you to the new staff management team of the shop:-

Simon Hunt - Shop Manager
Simon has lived in the village for many years. He has owned and run retail stores in the sports and leisure sector; at Reading Football Club he was head of retail. He is passionate about the village, the need for a friendly and inclusive shop and is keen to bring his wealth of experience to our village community stores.

Nicola Williams Assistant Shop Manager
Nicola who also lives in the village, has worked at Allsorts Preschool and for a local Yoga business. Her children go to Brightwell School. Nicola has a passion for local food; you may have seen her volunteering at the Cheese stall in the local producers market in Wallingford on a Saturday morning.

Christine Mooring - Assistant Shop Manager
Christine lives in Didcot. She has worked in the service industry for a number of years, working for large companies, and has retail experience. She now wishes to apply her skills to our community venture. She has a strong empathy for community effort in general and understands the importance of a community village stores in our everyday lives.

'Simon, Nicola and Christine are all starting work in April. We hope you will welcome and support them.

'This is an exciting new venture; already three new volunteers have signed up to being part of the team. We operate an on-line rota to make it easy for volunteers to have regular shifts and/or to fill the gaps when they have the time. It is a great way to get to know people and be an integral part of the community, if you would like to join the team just pop into the shop and leave your details.

 'This next stage is very exciting for the benefits it can bring to both the community and the village Shop. It will not be without its challenges; however we will meet them with positivity for the benefit of all.'


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