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Use the boxes below to search for local businesses and services.  "Services" includes all community, Local Government, charity and not-for-profit organisations.
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Local ServicesAdvice25/02/2011Citizens Advice Bureau - Provides independent advice on your rights
Local ServicesAnimal Welfare25/02/2011Island Farm Donkey Sanctuary
Local ServicesAnimal Welfare27/02/2011Oxford and District Cats Protection
Local ServicesAnimal Welfare29/03/2011RSPCA 24 Hour Service
Local ServicesApple Pressing25/02/2011Apple Press
Local ServicesAviation27/02/2011Oxford Aviation Group
Local ServicesArts25/02/2011Brightwell Art Club - Saturday morning art class with tutor, for adults
Local ServicesArts01/05/2012Cornerstone Arts Centre
Local ServicesCentral Government27/02/2011Ed Vaizey MP - House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA
Local ServicesCharities25/02/2011Edward Fairthorne Memorial Trust
Local ServicesCharities27/02/2011Ryder-Cheshire Volunteers
Local ServicesCharities27/02/2011Save the Children Fund
Local ServicesCharities25/02/2011The Royal British Legion
Local ServicesChildren's & Youth Groups01/02/2017Art Haus Club - Art Club for 18 Months to 9 Years Old
Local ServicesChildren's & Youth Groups25/02/2011Beavers - 1st Brightwell-cum-Sotwell Beaver Colony
Local ServicesChildren's & Youth Groups25/02/2011Brownies
Local ServicesChildren's & Youth Groups25/02/2011Cubs - 1st Brightwell-cum-Sotwell Cub Pack - for 8-10.5 year olds
Local ServicesChildren's & Youth Groups27/02/2011Scouts
Local ServicesChildren's & Youth Groups19/01/2014Thursday Toddler Group
Local ServicesChildren's & Youth Groups09/05/2012Wallingford Air Cadets
Local ServicesChurches & Church Activities22/03/2011Brightwell Bellringers
Local ServicesChurches & Church Activities25/02/2011Coffee in Church - Coffeecakes and conversation in St Agatha's Church. Wednesday mornings 10-12
Local ServicesChurches & Church Activities25/02/2011Free Church
Local ServicesChurches & Church Activities27/02/2011St Agatha's & St James's Churches
Local ServicesChurches & Church Activities27/02/2011St Agatha's Church Choir
Local ServicesCommunity17/09/2018Berinsfield Information and Volunteer Centre
Local ServicesCommunity24/03/2011Community Association
Local ServicesCommunity25/03/2011Flower and Produce Show at the Village Fete
Local ServicesCommunity25/02/2011Jubilee Pavilion, Recreation Ground, Mackney Lane
Local ServicesCommunity02/04/2011Oxfordshire Rural Community Council
Local ServicesCommunity02/04/2011The Wallingford Partnership (Community Web Site)
Local ServicesCommunity27/02/2011Village Hall
Local ServicesConservation & Environment27/02/2011Earth Trust
Local ServicesConservation & Environment25/02/2011Environment Group
Local ServicesConservation & Environment14/07/2011Hedgehog Street Campaign
Local ServicesCrime Prevention27/02/2011Neighbourhood Watch
Local ServicesCrime Prevention27/02/2011Police
Local ServicesEducation27/02/2011University of the Third Age
Local ServicesGardens & Allotments25/02/2011Allotments
Local ServicesGardens & Allotments27/02/2011Wallingford Allotments and Gardens Society (W.A.G.S.)
Local ServicesGeneral Interest27/02/2011WI
Local ServicesHealth09/05/2012Guideposts Trust Independent Living Centre
Local ServicesHealth25/02/2011Health Services
Local ServicesHealth27/02/2011Wallingford NCT
Local ServicesHistory25/02/2011History Group
Local ServicesHistory27/02/2011Wallingford Historical and Archaeological Society (TWHAS)
Local ServicesLocal Government25/02/2011Lynda Atkins - County Councillor for Wallingford and Brightwell-cum-Sotwell
Local ServicesLocal Government02/04/2011Oxfordshire County Council
Local ServicesLocal Government27/02/2011Parish Council - Details of Wallingford Surgery Car and Prescription Services are also available on this number
Local ServicesLocal Government25/02/2011Pat Dawe - SODC Councillor
Local ServicesLocal Government27/02/2011SODC Councillor - Celia Collett
Local ServicesLocal Government02/04/2011South Oxfordshire District Council
Local ServicesMuseums & Galleries27/02/2011Pendon Museum - Indoor Model Village and Railways
Local ServicesMuseums & Galleries27/02/2011Wallingford Museum
Local ServicesMusic01/05/2013Cranford Choral Society
Local ServicesMusic25/01/2013St James Singers, East Hanney
Local ServicesMusic25/01/2013Three Pressed Men - English Folk
Local ServicesNews, Magazines & Publications30/03/2011The Villager
Local ServicesNews, Magazines & Publications02/04/2011This Is Oxfordshire - Web Site of the Oxford Times Group of Newspapers
Local ServicesPost Offices27/02/2011Post Office Local - At the Village Stores, OX10 0RY, 09:00-5.30 pm Monday to Friday; 09:00-1 pm Saturday.
Local ServicesRecycling27/02/2011Sustainable Wallingford
Local ServicesRecycling31/08/2011Wallingford Freecycle
Local ServicesSchool & Pre-school25/02/2011Allsorts Pre-School
Local ServicesSchool & Pre-school26/01/2017Brightwell Toddlers - Village Playgroup
Local ServicesSchool & Pre-school25/02/2011Brightwell-cum-Sotwell C.E. (C) Primary School
Local ServicesSchool & Pre-school14/10/2015Little Willows - Cranford House Nursery School
Local ServicesSchool & Pre-school13/12/2016The Manor Preparatory School
Local ServicesSchool & Pre-school16/02/2014The Treehouse School, Cholsey
Local ServicesShops27/02/2011Village Stores, West End OX10 0RY (Behind the Village Hall)
Local ServicesSports, Games & Fitness25/02/2011AFC Brightwell
Local ServicesSports, Games & Fitness04/11/2014Active Women
Local ServicesSports, Games & Fitness22/04/2017After School Tennis Coaching at Kings Meadow Tennis Club
Local ServicesSports, Games & Fitness22/04/2017All Stars Cricket Coaching Program for 5 to 8 Year Olds
Local ServicesSports, Games & Fitness25/02/2011Badminton Club - Monday 8 pm in the Village Hall. New members 16+ welcome.
Local ServicesSports, Games & Fitness25/02/2011Bowls - Indoor Bowls Club, Thursday 2 pm and Wednesday 7.45 pm in the Village Hall.
Local ServicesSports, Games & Fitness25/02/2011Brightwell Juniors Cricket Club
Local ServicesSports, Games & Fitness25/02/2011Brightwell-cum-Sotwell Golf Society
Local ServicesSports, Games & Fitness25/02/2011Cricket Club
Local ServicesSports, Games & Fitness25/02/2011Didcot Health Walks
Local ServicesSports, Games & Fitness25/02/2011Didcot Phoenix Cycling Club - Thursday evenings at the Jubilee Pavilion (winter only)
Local ServicesSports, Games & Fitness21/08/2017Exercise to Music class, Didcot Conservative Club
Local ServicesSports, Games & Fitness25/02/2011Go Active - Offers high quality, fun and affordable exercise...
Local ServicesSports, Games & Fitness25/02/2011Junior Badminton - Tuesday 4-6 pm in the Village Hall. Year 6 upwards.
Local ServicesSports, Games & Fitness14/06/2013King's Meadow Tennis Club
Local ServicesSports, Games & Fitness27/02/2011Pilates
Local ServicesSports, Games & Fitness19/08/2017TENNIS for people 60+ at Kings Meadow Tennis Club
Local ServicesSports, Games & Fitness24/05/2014Wallingford Hockey Club
Local ServicesSports, Games & Fitness02/04/2011Wallingford Regatta
Local ServicesTrading Schemes26/02/2011Wallingford LETS
Local ServicesTransport & Travel25/02/2011Bus
Local ServicesTransport & Travel27/02/2011Trains - Nearest stations Cholsey and Didcot
Local ServicesVets25/02/2011Abivale Veterinary Group
Local ServicesVets26/02/2011Larkmead Veterinary Group
Local ServicesEntertainment25/02/2011Corn Exchange, Wallingford - Wallingford's Theatre and Cinema
Local ServicesEntertainment01/05/2012Cornerstone
Local ServicesEntertainment16/08/2012Didcot Film Club
Local ServicesEntertainment27/02/2011Sinodun Players
Local ServicesEntertainment02/04/2011Wallingford Bunkfest
Local ServicesCare & Welfare14/01/2015Carers Oxfordshire
Local ServicesCare & Welfare27/02/2011South and Vale Carers Centre
Local ServicesCare & Welfare14/08/2012Wallingford Day Centre
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